Greetings and welcome to the Baton Rouge Area SCORE website

We are mentors on a mission, and our mission is your success. Whether you are considering a new start up or have an existing business and would like us to help you grow, we are here. Our chapter is staffed with a team of dedicated volunteers aimed at fostering a vibrant business community within the Baton Rouge metropolitan area.

I know that running a business is not easy alone, that’s why I as Chair of the Baton Rouge Area chapter implore you to choose education and mentorship. Who are SCORE mentors you ask? Real-world professionals and business owners such as myself that care about giving back and are ready and willing to help you achieve the success you deserve. You can’t ask for a better helping hand, the staff of over 40 SCORE volunteers have a multitude of experience and expertise. So call and make an appointment or get more information about one of our workshops. 

I look forward to hearing about your success!

Tonia Askins, Chair

Baton Rouge Area SCORE